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Come Enjoy An Oasis Of Relaxation In Punta Sayulita

When was the last time you surround yourself in breathtaking beauty on a luxury vacation somewhere? Whether you are a fine connoisseur of the most luxurious reservations and secluded islands of the planet, or you have been simply contemplating the idea of booking an exotic vacation for a long time, we strongly recommend to take […]

First Completed Residence At Punta Sayulita

Punta Sayulita is pleased to showcase the first newly completed home in our community. This Casa is perched just above the Beach Club with panoramic views across the bay, the village of Sayulita, the mountains and the coast. Punta Sayulita Interiors created a serene residence that mirrors Punta Sayulita’s architectural emphasis on indoor and outdoor […]

Holidays in the Tropics

One of the joys of living abroad is seeing the unique differences in culture and immersing yourself in local celebrations filled with joyful laughter, dancing, music and tradition. Mexico offers beauty and entertainment all through the month of December in honor of the country’s patron saint, the Lady of Guadalupe. The festivities begin on December […]

Nature’s Winter Majesty

Nothing says wintertime better than a 40 ton humpback whale breaching the surface of a crystal bay while sipping coffee on a veranda surrounded by lush green jungle. Well this is winter for all those who live in Sayulita, and from December to March the distant shore is a playground for migrating humpback whales as […]

Festival Sayulita VIP screening in Punta Sayulita

The second annual Festival Sayulita took place in various venues throughout the village from January 14th to the 17th , bringing with it many wonderful films, surfers, bands and quality beer and tequila tastings . This four-day event got a head start the day before the official opening with an exclusive VIP event at the […]

Punta Sayulita Unveils its Innovative Concept of Higher Living

The first Punta Sayulita Open House event of 2015 started the year off with a bang.  Attended by realtors, developers and travel planners from the Vallarta-Nayarit Coast and beyond, the event was a great opportunity for professionals in the Bandaras Bay and Costa Nayarit real estate and high-end travel markets to get a preview of […]

Valentine’s Day Traditions in Mexico

Now that February is here, many shops and restaurants in Mexico are being decorated with Cupids, ribbons, and pink hearts. Streets vendors make their rounds through the streets hawking heart-shaped balloons and flowers. Valentine’s Day must be just around the corner. Though the observance of Valentine’s Day was imported from Europe and has no base […]