Eco-Friendly Luxury Living

Eco-Friendly Luxury Living – An Oxymoron? Not at Punta Sayulita!

Just south of the popular surf destination of Sayulita, Nayarit, there’s an up-and-coming upscale residential community less than an hour’s drive from the Puerto Vallarta airport. A low-density, 33-acre enclave located on a peninsula boasting sandy beaches, lush, tropical vegetation and majestic ocean views. This unique, family-friendly luxury resort is none other than: Punta Sayulita!

What is Punta Sayulita?

Situated in the heart of one of Mexico’s most attractive tourist destinations, the Riviera Nayarit – Punta Sayulita is a family-friendly community of elegant residential homes designed with privacy, security and breathtaking views in mind. Within this jungle paradise by the sea, the utmost care is taken to ensure responsible development in harmony with the surrounding environment.

A Development That Respects the Natural Habitat

Although it is beautifully forested, the peninsula for which Punta Sayulita is named is rugged and steep. To best preserve the natural beauty of this exquisite site, the number of single-family homes to be built here is strictly limited.

Each of these sumptuous residences is intended to fit into the steep hillsides and jungle canopy, while blending in with the lush, tropical landscape which surrounds it. This allows Punta Sayulita residents to enjoy the best in luxury living while both preserving the extraordinary natural environment and providing outstanding ocean and jungle views.

Eco-Sensitive Balinese-Style Homes on the Vallarta-Nayarit Coast

Of all the architectural models that have been proposed, the developers at Punta Sayulita have retained four stunning residential designs: the Tree House, la Casa, la Casita Escondida and la Casa Bambú. The open floor plans, incorporating natural sources of light wherever possible, and orienting the construction such that it takes advantage of the natural ocean breezes reduces the impact on the environment. Quality materials and finishes are carefully chosen to add character while creating an extraordinary, unique experience in luxury living.

Indulge in Open-Air Living in a Tropical, Oceanside Jungle Setting The natural beauty and low-density construction in Punta Sayulita provide a unique jungle environment for its residents. Hiking trails weave their way throughout the development offering numerous opportunities for exercise, bird-watching, and simply taking advantage of the best in open-air living.

Exceptional Beach Club Facilities

Punta Sayulita also offers a number of locations for residents and their guests to get together, socialize, hold special events or pamper themselves. Follow the link to learn more about the fabulous Punta Sayulita Beach & Surf Club.


Want to Know More?

Ready to invest in a hand-crafted retirement villa, a luxury jungle surf retreat with amazing waves throughout the year, and/or an investment property in a tropical paradise enjoying one of the fastest growth rates in Mexico? Then, a comfortable casa in Punta Sayulita may be just what you’re looking for! Call us today and find out why an eco-friendly, luxury residence in Punta Sayulita is right for you!