Punta Sayulita México


What makes Punta Sayulita different from other gated communities in the area?

Punta Sayulita is not a hotel or resort for vacationers. Our residents enjoy the benefits of owning a private home in a gated residential community in an area most people can only dream of visiting, let alone residing in. Unlike most resorts and hotels, homes in Punta Sayulita are available for purchase, so you and your loved ones never have to leave. You will easily find an intimate environment that will increase the level of privacy of your new home in Punta Sayulita.

What is the best way to travel to Punta Sayulita?

The best way to travel is usually by air as the Puerto Vallarta International Airport schedules daily non-stop flights from most major cities. Contact the Punta Sayulita Club Concierge and a professional driver will pick you up at the airport and take you to your private accommodations. If you prefer a rental car, the Punta Sayulita Concierge will arrange for a rental car to be waiting at the airport upon your arrival. Public transportation options include cabs and buses, which are also available for transportation from the airport to Punta Sayulita.

What local time zone is Punta Sayulita located in?

Sayulita, Mexico is in the Central Time Zone.

Is there active nightlife in Punta Sayulita?

There are numerous options for those who crave nightlife, including authentic dining experiences and entertainment at Punta Sayulita's Beach Club. Mingle with the locals in town while enjoying live music at the restaurants or cantinas. Walk around the plaza and listen to guitar music or find a lively beach party. Dance or mingle with locals and guests to form new friendships and connections.

What is Punta Sayulita like?

Sayulita is a small, friendly town full of locals from all over the world. There are almost no incidents of crime and it is very family friendly. Children can run and play quite safely and you can explore the nightlife in Sayulita without worry or concern.

Should I rent a car while visiting Punta Sayulita?

There is no reason to incur the additional expense of renting a car when the Club Punta Sayulita driver can take you to and from the airport. Most residents choose to travel within the Sayulita area by golf cart.

Will I have to buy groceries while staying in Punta Sayulita?

For your convenience, the Club Concierge will stock your luxurious kitchen with everything you and your family may need while living in Punta Sayulita. If you prefer to buy your own groceries, there are several stores in the town of Sayulita. Other options include local stores, fish markets and butcher shops. Forty-five minutes away in Puerto Vallarta, you can find popular retailers such as Wal-Mart, Costco and Sam's Club, to name a few.

Are there activities for children visiting Punta Sayulita?

Your children will enjoy an unforgettable lifestyle at Punta Sayulita because of the many kid-friendly activities available. Let our friendly staff help your child choose from a wide variety of water sports and provide all the necessary equipment. Surfing is a popular choice for children and lessons are available. Other kid-friendly activities include zip-line tours, horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking and sightseeing. Children can also choose from numerous guided expeditions to explore popular points of interest in the Sayulita area. Youngsters can visit the Naturalist Club to request walking tours and hikes through the beautiful jungle areas. Many children enjoy simple activities such as building sand castles, swimming and playing on the beach.


Can I buy title insurance in Mexico?

Yes, title insurance is available in Mexico. The First American Title Insurance Company agrees to issue title insurance on all Punta Sayulita residences to anyone who purchases land and expects to obtain title insurance upon completion of the sale.

Is owning a home a safe investment in Mexico?

Punta Sayulita is not only a safe financial investment, it is also an investment in the community. Enjoy this safe haven for residents and their loved ones in Mexico. Property ownership in Mexico is considered a safe investment option.

Foreigners have been buying land and homes in the coastal areas of Mexico for over forty years. This is due in part to the assistance of a Mexican bank trust that names the owner as beneficiary and the Mexican bank as trustee.

These owners enjoy the same rights as owners within the United States, including the right to enjoy, lease, sell and make improvements to the property.

What are the infrastructure and public service requirements in Punta Sayulita?

Punta Sayulita has implemented infrastructure that has been designed to comply with all local, state and federal environmental regulations. Contracts have been honored with local utility providers for water, telephone, electricity, satellite, internet and gas services in Punta Sayulita.

Water and sewer services are under the management of the Punta Sayulita Community Homeowners Association, often referred to as the HOA. In addition, Punta Sayulita is constructing backup power sources that will provide power to the community's common areas in the event that local utilities fail.

What kind of property closing costs should I expect to incur?

Closing costs are calculated, on average, as four to five percent of the purchase price of the property, which is slightly more expensive in Mexico than in the United States and Canada. These fees have been implemented to cover notary fees, property registration, transfer taxes, title insurance, and certificates guaranteeing that there are no liens on the property. Private escrow companies are now specializing in escrow and this function will cost approximately $1,000 per transaction.

Notary Publics will record all transactions that take place at the Land Registry Office. Notaries are also responsible for collecting property taxes due at closing. For your convenience, Punta Sayulita specialists have already arranged the necessary closing logistics with a registered Notary Public to facilitate a quick and accurate closing.

Is Punta Sayulita regulated by the Homeowners Association?

Yes, Punta Sayulita is regulated by a Homeowners Association, which provides landscaping and maintenance of all common areas of the community. Other Homeowners Association services include safety reviews and architectural design as needed.

Does Punta Sayulita offer property rental and management services?

Yes, Punta Sayulita offers property management and rental services, giving owners peace of mind. In your absence, Punta Sayulita Residential Services will oversee your property, keeping it safe and properly maintained.

These services include cleaning your home and properly stocking your kitchen, setting your thermostats according to your arrival, and providing clean sheets on all beds in your home.

Punta Sayulita's residential services cover all aspects of property maintenance, including home upkeep, landscaping, bill paying, shopping and storage, transportation and many other issues that may arise.

Homeowners who choose to rent their homes can take advantage of Punta Sayulita's professional rental program. This program markets your home and chooses qualified tenants who comply with and follow the Rental Agreement.

What kind of property taxes can I expect to pay in Mexico?

Compared to other areas and regions of the world, the annual property tax in Mexico is considered low, as government revenues have never been considered. This includes the areas of Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita. Mexican property taxes are paid bi-monthly, calculated using a percentage of the assessed value that was determined during the purchase. These government policies are subject to change.

Are home furnishings packages available in Punta Sayulita?

Yes, Punta Sayulita has several home furnishing packages available, commissioned by Rachel Horn Interiors. With these packages, you can easily create complete residential decorating options that will capture the Punta Sayulita lifestyle and your own personal style. These home decor packages can be purchased during the purchase of your home.

What level of security can I expect from the community in Punta Sayulita?

As a gated community, Punta Sayulita offers secure living for all residents and guests, including around-the-clock guards. In addition to the gate guards, there are community patrol members and a 24-hour service vehicle patrol to ensure an ideal neighborhood.

Currently, there are two security gates, the main entrance and an alternate gate for pedestrians and work crews. The main gate is guarded 24 hours a day and is equipped with automatic scanning and video retrieval devices. These technological devices provide documentation for all visitors entering and leaving the Punta Sayulita community.

The gate guard will only allow authorized personnel, residents and guests to enter the Punta Sayulita community. Residents and community members are issued a radio transponder or other vehicle identification. These items must be placed in each vehicle to assist security guards in determining who should have access to the property.

For your safety and comfort, all guests must register in advance with Punta Sayulita's security guards to gain access to this secure community.

How do I establish a real estate trust?

A Real Estate Trust can be established by paying the bank of Mexico a predetermined nominal fee that includes a percentage of the value of the property. These fees are established to cover the costs of preliminary studies and the drafting of a trust agreement.

Typically, the costs associated with a fideicomiso can range from five hundred to fifteen hundred dollars in the initial setup and approximately five hundred dollars recurring annually. These fees will be paid directly to the bank in Mexico acting as trustee.

These real estate bank trusts are held as off-balance sheet assets by the Mexican banks acting as trustees. This trust system was implemented by the Mexican government to provide legal ownership to non-Mexicans without amending their 1917 Mexican Constitution.

When you decide to purchase property in Punta Sayulita, you will receive the assistance of our closing specialists who will assist you and make sure that you and your legal advisors understand each and every step of the purchase process.

What does the Property Ownership Law say for non-Mexicans?

As set forth in Article 27 of the Mexican Constitution, non-Mexicans may not directly own residential real estate within fifty kilometers of the coast of Mexico. In addition, non-Mexicans may not own land within one hundred kilometers of Mexico's international borders.

However, many non-Mexicans have been purchasing coastal and border properties since 1973 through the implementation of a Mexican bank trust, commonly known as a Fideicomiso. Like a trust in the United States, the Mexican bank has all the rights and privileges of the property, including ownership, while exclusive use and enjoyment is granted to the beneficiary, the non-Mexican.

With the Mexican bank trust, the non-Mexican beneficiary has the right to occupy or lease the property at its own discretion. The non-Mexican beneficiary may also initiate a transfer of title to the property to any legal beneficiary he or she chooses. The beneficiaries may also modify the property following all local zoning laws and regulations.

The initial term of these trusts is fifty years and can be renewed for an additional fifty years during or at the end of the first fifty years for a nominal fee. In addition, the property may be sold at any time to any person qualified for ownership of the land through citizenship or bank trust. The non-Mexican purchaser may increase the purchase amount due to appreciation in the value of the property.

These implementations are designed to guarantee the legality of all transactions and protect the rights of non-Mexicans obtaining land. Punta Sayulita has numerous closing specialists and a savvy sales team that will assist you every step of the way as you establish a fideicomiso and initiate a property transfer.