Holidays in the Tropics

One of the joys of living abroad is seeing the unique differences in culture and immersing yourself in local celebrations filled with joyful laughter, dancing, music and tradition.
Mexico offers beauty and entertainment all through the month of December in honor of the country’s patron saint, the Lady of Guadalupe. The festivities begin on December 4th and continue until December 12th as each neighborhood within Sayulita chooses an evening to assemble a parade displaying the Virgin’s religious story and share it through the town.

In the plaza, elaborate dances are held in beautifully adorned, traditional attire representing different fabrics of culture around the country. The marching bands and Mariachi send rhythm and moving tunes through the air giving everyone the urge to move their feet, and the holiday food is a treat for the senses. This is one of Mexico’s largest celebration of the year with deeply faithful bonds. Hundreds still make the annual pilgrimage to Mexico City to participate in the mass offered at the Basilica of Guadalupe. In Sayulita, the mass is held at midnight on December 12th at the church in the plaza. This is a peaceful experience as the soft glow of light pours out the church doors inviting everyone to stop and listen to angelic music and gentle blessings made by the local priest.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is followed by a global understanding of Christmas cheer and ringing in the New Year. Fireworks set the sky ablaze as the ten second countdown ushers up another year of possibility! The streets pulse with revelers dancing and singing as the world seems to pause allowing a moment for unanimous pleasure.

At Punta Sayulita, we are looking forward to our first Christmas with families staying at their houses. Everyone have a chance to enjoy communal fiestas while gathering under the Beach Club palapa with one of the best views of Sayulita’s shore. Families gather and neighbors build friendships in the holiday spirit and style of Mexico. This is a December filled with magic and wonder surrounded by one of the most exquisite landscapes in the world.


Photo / image by: Donna Cleveland

*photos or images may not be related to Sayulita