Sayulita Pueblos Mágicos : Sayulita joins Magical Villages

Sayulita chosen to join Pueblos Mágicos

In 2015, at the second National Fair for Pueblos Mágicos 28 towns were chosen from 180 nominations and added to the list of just 111 Pueblos Mágicos in Mexico. Sayulita is honoured to be one of those Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Villages).

Pueblos Mágicos is a town development project launched in 2001 by the Mexico Tourism Board for cities, towns and villages with special symbolic features, legends and history, and tourism opportunities. The most important characteristic for the nomination, however, is possessing magic. A “Magical Village” is a place with symbolism, legends, history, important events and day-to-day life. 

pueblos mágicos

Sayulita certainly has magic. It is already well known as the surfing capital of the Riviera Nayarit has enchanted thousands of tourists with its cobbled streets, colourful buildings, unique shops, small kiosk and quant central square. It is perfect for adventurers, hikes and trekking as the surrounding vegetation covered landscapes are home to multiple species of birds and wildlife. See the Punta Sayulita article and video about local wildlife here. Sayulita also offers many other attractive activities besides surfing, such as snorkelling, boat trips and catamaran rides, spas, yoga, meditation and horseback riding. Read more about the History of Sayulita

pueblos mágicos

The second important qualification to become a Pueblo Mágico is to have distinguishable aspects of local cultural identity. Recognised villages should maintain their traditional ways of life such as making handicrafts locally. Included in this criteria is the urban image of the town. All Pueblos Mágicos also comply with certain architectural guidelines.

The third aspect of being in Pueblos Mágicos is the uniqueness of the village, its surroundings and general environment. All Pueblos Mágicos towns have to differ from other villages in certain ways. All Pueblos Mágicos villages have at least one major attraction that is different from those in any other community of the state or the region.

For example, if you look at Sayulita’s beautiful village square (zócalo) or scenic surroundings, you can see why it was included on this list.

Read more about Sayulita Pueblo Magico plaque

pueblos mágicos

The next 5 years for Sayulita Pueblos Mágicos

Once a village is chosen to participate in the program, it receives financial support for tourism-related infrastructure and businesses such as handicraft shops and restaurants. Towns chosen for the program are entitled to a share of $23 million in federal funding in 2016 for spending on maintenance, rebuilding historic centers, improving infrastructure and developing tourism products. Each town will get approximately $400,000 U.S. dollars per year for the first five years they are in the program. Those five years are critical in that during those years the towns have the opportunity to significantly improve their infrastructure. Some of the plans are to upgrade the waste-water treatment plant, improving roads, traffic and parking, preserving green space while enhancing public works and urban planning. The Pueblos Mágicos officials are particularly interested in ‘streetscapes,’ so the question is, how do you establish some parameters for these activities without threatening the contribution they make to the charm of our town?.

pueblos mágicosWhile considered a great honour to be included in the Pueblos Mágicos project there are also important consequential benefits for Sayulita. Property values will steadily increase as the area will become more recognised and developed. Villages listed as Pueblos Mágicos become a priority for the local, state and federal governments. There are also so called social consequences as the process of becoming part of Pueblos Mágicos means a broad range of cooperation between all the community and their varied interests. 

For Sayulita, the inclusion in the program and boost of investment capital will help improve the town’s service infrastructure. Development in Sayulita is strictly regulated to maintain the “Hippie Chic” atmosphere that makes it the capital of the Riviera Nayarit. In addition to being a renowned surfing mecca, it has become increasingly recognised for snorkeling, paddle boarding and whale watching. Read about Sayulita local and famous surfer Fernando Stalla here. The rich biodiversity of flora and fauna are some of the other elements that make Sayulita “magical.”

pueblos mágicos


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history of sayulita

A Brief History of Sayulita, Mexico

Local folklore says that Sayulita was created more than 5000 years ago by the Gods of the waves

According to legend one of the Gods, the God of Oz waves, wanted to create a place where the waves were perfect. And so, the history of Sayulita begins and ends in perfection.

history of sayulita

Early records made by the Spanish explorer Fernando Cortés de San Buenaventura document to the surprise of many people a land of great wealth with over forty large indigenous communities.

Sayulita and the region of Nayarit has a long history of coconut oil production. Large plantations owned by Don Marcial Nuño and later the Camarena family are famous names in the area. It wasn’t until the 1940’s that coconut oil production decreased and the villagers switched to agriculture and fishing which Sayulita is also known for today.

The ejido (meaning an area of communal land) of Sayulita was not established until 1941 when the first families arrived from the mountains of Jalisco.

Modern Day History of Sayulita

Two important developments happened in the 1960’s which helped to make Sayulita the place it is today. The first was the economic boom of neighbouring Puerto Vallarta and the blossoming of tourism in the region. In 1964 Hollywood royalty Richard Burton, Ava Gardner and Director John Houston moved in to film The Night of the Iguana. It was said that Richard Burton and his then wife Elizabeth Taylor feel in love with the region as it offered them to perfect seclusion from the public eye and escape from paparazzi.

history of sayulita

Photograph by CBS news 1963

The second big development was the discovery of Sayulita by roving surfers in the late 1960’s. They especially liked Sayulita for it’s consistent wave breaks and secluded location. What started as a “best kept secret” has over the years developed into a hidden paradise with an authentic Mexican character. Now Sayulita is a prosperous growing village of approximately 5,000 residents. Sayulita has a enticing eclectic character, increasing known for its great surfing but also for its art galleries, restaurants, variety of modern shops and a relaxed lifestyle. Sayulita is also recognised for the variety of nature activities such as horseback riding, hiking, snorkelling and fishing. See our Wildlife in Sayulita article and video.

history of sayulita

Sayulita is the centre of the newly designated “Riviera Nayarit“, the 200 mile stretch of coastline from Litibu to San Blas. Surrounded by beautiful forest and with easy access to Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita real estate has consistently increased in value and is now highly sought after.

history of sayulita

With a growing awareness for the environment and ecological, coupled with a stricter zoning enforcement, development in Sayulita is being regulated to help safeguard the environment and quality of life of the community. The Sayulita community have come together to protect the environment in many ways and development has been limited so it will never become an impersonal mega resort.

Wildlife in Sayulita

A visitors guide to Wildlife in Sayulita

Wildlife in Sayulita is simply amazing. We hope that just glancing over the pictures in this article is enough to entice you to explore the wild side of Sayulita.! Jump in!

There is certainly a lot of wildlife in Sayulita and many organised activities throughout the year to help you encounter the wide variety of mammals, 400 bird species, reptiles, white-tailed deer, jaguar, pumas, wild boars, ocelots, jaguarundi, coati mundi, skunks, badgers, coyotes, margays, rabbits, armadillos and iguanas.

In the wider areas of Jalisco and Nayarit, the Sierra Madre Occidental is an important habitat that provides shelter to a wide variety of tropical and temperate flora and fauna. Plentiful sunshine and summer rains nurture the vegetation of the Sayulita region. 

The flora is varied and over 300 species of orchids can be found there. There are also a large variety of trees like Cedar, Walnut and Primavera whose wood is used for the manufacture of furniture and the Punta Sayulita Treehouses.


Wildlife in Sayulita – Tropical Birds

Sayulita and the surrounding areas are a paradise for bird lovers, with more than 400 species of migratory birds and seabirds, such as Tropical Kingbird, Amazon Parrots and the Blue-footed Booby Bird. We must also mention an impressive number of colourful butterflies.

More than 300 species have been found along the coast and in the mountains around Sayulita.  Migration accounts for the great variety during the winter months compared to summer. 

Just by looking up anywhere near the beach in Sayulita you´ll see gulls and sea-shore birds, while fresh water birds are often spotted at the mouth of the town river and nearby streams. Humming birds, wood-peckers, flycatchers, doves, hawks and sparrows are also common. Walking with jungle and forest tours will take you to different habitats and offer better opportunities for bird spotting. 

The Yellow-winged Cacique

A native to Mexico, this beautiful yellow-winged Cacique are plentiful and gather near the edge of the jungle in small colonies all around the state of Nayarit. 

The Black-Throated Magpie Jay

This beautiful bird has a long tail and noisy chirp. It boasts a large blue body and black throat, a white chest and a long blue tail with white tips. The Magpie Jay tends to make its nest in a thorny tree at heights of 100 feet, protecting from from other predators during the long nesting season from November to July.

The Blue-footed Booby

The Blue Footed Booby is a tropical seabird that lives on the west coast of Mexico. The fantastic looking bird has bright blue feet and is about the size of a goose. Blue Footed Boobies are very tame birds, lacking the fear instinct of other birds. They have a somewhat clumsy movement on land which explains the name Booby adapted from the Spanish word “bobo” which means “stupid”

For Bird Watching Tours we recommend Sayulita Bird Watching Tours (also for Eco tours and walking tours)

Wildlife in Sayulita – Animals

Encounters with animals are unusual, you will need to make an effort to encounter them but foxes, raccoons, armadillos, opossums, and wild cats can sometimes be seen.

The Armadillo

The Nine-banded Armadillo is about the size of a cat, has strong armour, and loves to eat insects. Looking similar to an anteater, the armadillo´s shell protects it from predator attacks. Armadillos dig many burrows and dig for their food. They are considered important to local ecosystems as many other wildlife species benefit from their unused burrows.

The Badger
Badgers are nocturnal, solitary animals with wide bodies. Their front legs are have long claws which are excellent at digging. The badger burrows deep in hillsides and they spend most of the daytime asleep underground. Badgers feed on fruits, roots, beech nuts, eggs, young birds, small quadrupeds, frogs, snails, worms, and insects.



The Coati Mundi

The Coati Mundi is a relative of the raccoon family. They are generally reddish brown in colour, with a long brown or black ringed tail and an extreamely long and thin nose. Coatis spend their nights in trees and ascend at dusk, usually traveling through the jungles in search of food. Coati Mundi eat fruits, young birds, eggs, lizards and insects.

The White-Tailed Deer

The White-Tailed Deer is a long-legged, fast-moving mammal that is found over most of North and Central America and northern parts of South America. Deer live on mostly plants such as leaves, grass and acorns. 

Wildlife in Sayulita

Wildlife in Sayulita – Wild Cats


The jaguar has a compact body, a broad head and powerful jaws and yet is one of the most elegant and mysterious wild cat. With only an estimated 15,000 jaguars remaining in the wild, some continue to survive in Mexico. Their habitat are thick forests and swamps and are the largest cat in the Americas


The Margay, also known as the Long Tailed Spotted Cat, can grow up two 25-27 inches with long legs and long tail. The cats markings are similar to the ocelot and is a smaller relative to the tiger cat



Wildlife in Sayulita – Small Vertebrates

Land-crabs, spiders, geckos, iguanas and other assorted lizards can be found in most places. Geckos are often welcome indoors as they eat flying insects like mosquitos and flies. The jungle and forests have snakes and scorpions . Land-crabs are harmless and abundant and often quite photogenic.!

Wildlife in Sayulita

Wildlife in Sayulita – Reptiles




Green Iguanas

Iguanas tend to prefer branches close to or overhanging water so if they are threatened they can jump to the ground or dive into the water to escape danger. They like to eat fruit and vegetables and even some flowers. When fully grown they can reach lengths of 6 feet, from head to tail, and weigh as much as 30 pounds.

Spiny-Tailed Iguana

Spiny-tailed iguanas are found in in the wild in Mexico and Central America. The can usually be found near the lower branches of large trees and along borders of forests where they hunt for insects, spiders, rodents, fruits and leaves.

Mexican Beaded Lizard
Originating in Mexico and Guatemala the Mexican Beaded Lizard is large and has venom glands in their lower jaws. 


Wildlife in Sayulita – Whales and Turtles

During winter the Humpback whales use the protective waters of Bahia de Banderas to raise their calves. We recommend hiring a boat from Sayulita as encounter this amazing creature is an experience not to be missed.

Wildlife in Sayulita

In Sayulita the Olive Ridley turtle comes ashore to lay its eggs from June through to October. The hatchlings start to appear in September right through to December. Each year residents volunteer to take care of Sayulita’s north beach and later release the baby turtles throughout the hatching season. Since only 1 in every 1,000 hatchlings survive, these endeavours increase the chances of baby turtles reaching adulthood and later returning to the same beach.

In Sayulita turtles can be seen in the sea while snorkeling, kayaking and surfing.

Wildlife in Sayulita

Finally, please take a look at the Wildlife in Sayulita Photo Album Video. We look forward to sharing these incredible experiences with you.

Discover Punta Sayulita and amazing surfing with Fernando Stalla

Fernando Stalla is recognised as one of the top 10 surfers and stand up paddlers in the world, has lived in Sayulita for many years AND works as a professional athlete and ambassador representing Punta Sayulita around the globe. 

Visitors to Punta Sayulita often take the opportunity to meet Fernando Stalla and go surfing in the best locations. If you haven´t tried Stand Up Paddling (SUP) then nows your chance to try!

Fernando was born in Fiji while his parents were sailing around the world so it´s no wonder he was drawn to the sea from the beginning. At the age of 12 he discovered Sayulita and it proved to be the perfect training ground for him and many other surfers.

He now spends his time travelling the world surfing in many of the top competitions during the warmer summer months and then wintering in Sayulita. There he focuses all his energy on a single goal: to become the best SUP athlete in the world in both the distance races and the surf competitions. To keep his professional growth going Stalla dedicates himself to a strict training program created for both long and short distances. He also goes free diving and spear fishing a part of this maritime activities. He is an established member of the Mexican national surf team.

My passion for the ocean has given me the opportunity to enjoy this sport and make a career out of it. It was not till 2010 when I decided to travel to California to stir my career as a Pro Athlete in the Stand Up Paddle World”


“In 2010 I entered many SUP Races and SUP Surf contests, getting some impressive results. 2011 was a remarkable season winning multiple races. 2012 has been a great year so far. I see the potential that I can reach, I love what I do and I am determined to become the number 1 SUP Men Of The World. I`ve been hooked to this great sport, ever since”

Fernando Stalla

Todos Santos

Across the Gulf of California from Sayulita is a world famous surfing location called Todos Santos (All Saints Islands). It has become an infamous and extreme surfing location and was featured in the 2015 version of the Hollywood film Point Break. Fernando Stalla describes it as “a mythical wave” and when he went to conquer Todos Santos he became the first person to surf it on a paddle board, which is no small feat if you see the intensity of the waves in the films and videos. 

fernando stalla and punta sayulita

Todos Santos has two small, rocky, uninhabited islands in northern Baja California, Mexico. Isla de Todos Santos was discovered for surfing in the 1960´s by visitors from Southern California. By the early ’80s, three breaks in Todos Santos had been charted, and with that some surfing films such as Ocean Fever and Big Time began to popularise the Gulf of California as an amazing surfing location.

fernando stalla and punta sayulita

Todos Santos breaks regularly from fall to early spring. It’s positioned at the end of a wave-funneling underwater canyon that magnifies incoming swells to at least twice the size of virtually all other breaks in Southern California. Visitors arrange to surf Todos Santos at least a day ahead of time, and charter a day-rate boat leaving out of Ensenada for the 40-minute ride to the island.

In 2014, the two Todos Santos islands, along with the short stretch of coast on mainland Baja, was declared a World Surfing Reserve.

fernando stalla and punta sayulita

This graph illustrates Fernando Stalla wave speed


See more info and images about Fernando Stalla on his website or speak to our representatives at Punta Sayulita.

the restricted zone in mexico

Buying Property in the restricted zone in Mexico

The creation of the restricted zone in Mexico was part of the recent changes in laws and regulations in relation to buying property in Mexico. These changes have made investing in property a lot easier, a lot less complicated and a lot more attractive to foreign investors.

the restricted zone in mexico

To this end we have written a guide to buying property in the restricted zone in Mexico. Is it really a compilation of commonly asked questions from our clients. We hope that it will ease you worries and remove any obstacles there may be ahead of you. Our team at Punta Sayulita has the experience to help you every step of the way.

The most important thing that you should know is that buying property in the restricted zone in Mexico is completely legal and 100% secure.

In the Mexican constitution the restricted zone is defined as all land located within 100 kilometres of any national border and within 50 kilometres of any ocean. It also states that no foreigner is allowed to purchase direct title to land within the restricted zone. However, Mexico’s Foreign Investment Law allows foreigners to acquire indirect title to land in the restricted zone by one of two methods; through a Mexican corporation or through a bank trust (fideicomiso).

A little Spanish will go a long way here in Mexico and although many people and places will speak English having some words and phrases will open doors and encourage positive relationships.

The Fideicomiso

In regards to buying property here, an important word that you will need to know is Fideicomiso. Pronounced “Fee-day-coh-MEE-soh”. Mexico created the Fideicomiso to encourage foreign investment in the highly desirable areas, particularly along the coastline.

the restricted zone in Mexico

City Hall in Mexico City. Photo by Wayne Marshall

Here´s a simple breakdown of what you need to know:

– A Fideicomiso is a real estate trust that is held at a Mexican bank of your choice, for example  HSBC or Santander.

– The Fideicomiso was set up to allow foreigners to buy prime Mexican real estate in the restricted zone in Mexico

– The bank acts as a Trustee

– You maintain complete control over the trust (operates like a Living Trust in the United States)

  Fideicomiso gives you complete control over the property which allows you to lease, rent, mortgage, sell, improve and will your property

– The Fideicomiso only acts as stewards of the trust. The trust is the beneficiary’s property and cannot be used by the bank in any way.

– The trust is for 50 years and can be renewed for additional 50 year increments at any time. The cost is approximately $500 USD

– Each trust is guaranteed indirectly by the government

We recommend that non Mexican property buyers have title insurance for property transactions as it is seen as an insurance policy for property ownership. Title insurance companies can also be used as escrow agents which is the safest way to close the property transaction and ensures that all money is returned should the property deal fall apart.

Having a reliable real estate company in Mexico to help you organise all the official paperwork and closing costs. Typical buyer’s fees include a 2% acquisition fee, a 1% recording fee, a 1% notary fee and a  $3,000 USD attorney fee

Buying property through the Fideicomiso can cost approximately $1,500 USD set up fee, $500 registration fee and a $500 annual fee there after.

Setting Up a Mexican Corporation

Most investors buy property in Mexico using the Fideicomiso but you can also set up a corporation if that is better suited to your needs. It is common to buy property through a corporation when your intention is to use the property for commercial reasons. You might plan to use the property in summer but rent or lease the property for the rest of the year. Also, buyers interested in multiple properties often choose this option.

Here´s some introductory information about setting up a corporation in Mexico.

– There are 2 main types of corporations in Mexico.

The LLC is a limited Liability Corporation and the LLP which is a limited Liability Partnership

– Foreigners can own, operate and manage Mexican corporations but none of the corporations investors can be Mexican

– a corporation in Mexico it has the legal capacity to buy property anywhere in Mexico, including the restricted zone

– There are no restrictions on foreign owned Mexican corporations who are dealing and developing in property so the advantages there are huge.

– The attorney’s fee is $1,500 USD to set up a corporation and there is an accounting fee of $100 per month thereafter

Approximate costs when buying property through a corporation are a $1,500 set up fee and a $100 a month accounting fee.

Punta Sayulita prides itself on it´s customer service. We feel that it´s the most important part of our business. Our experience has shown us that buying property, no matter where in the world, can sometimes be complicated, stressful and that often the legal expenses and responsibilities can set up roadblocks to buying that perfect property you have already fallen in love with.

Our team at Punta Sayulita will advise you every step of the way.

the restricted zone in mexico

secrets to discover in sayulita

Secrets of Sayulita – 6 Incredible experiences

Discover 6 incredible secrets of Sayulita that not everyone knows about.

A quick search online about Sayulita will likely tell you about the most popular reasons why people retire, invest and vacation here. Beautiful relaxing beaches, excellent Mexican cuisine, great surf and water sports all appear top of the list. But locals and experienced Sayulitanos will tell you there´s a lot more to see and do when you scratch under the surface. Here are our 6 incredible secrets of Sayulita to help you have awesome experiences.

secrets of sayulita

Secrets of Sayulita Number 1 – Whale Watching 

Humpback whales, known as “Jorobadas”, pass by Sayulita twice a year in early winter as they head south to mate and give birth and again in spring to return to feeding grounds. They can seen from the main beaches in Sayulita, just at the mouth of the bay as well as from hilltops. For a close up experience boat trips are available from the beach at Punta de Mita (only a short car journey from Punta Sayulita) as a highly recommended way to see these special creatures first hand. Trips last 3 hours including travel and spotting time. 

secrets of sayulita

Secrets of Sayulita Number 2 – Playa Escondido 

Also know as the love beach, Playa Escondida (Hidden Beach) is a short stretch of beach partially covered by a wall of rocks in the heart of the Marietta islands. The islands are found a few kilometers west of Punta Mita, in the Pacific, and form one of the sanctuaries with the greatest biodiversity in Mexico. Hence, it is protected by the government and considered a National Park and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.  It is a popular day trip from Punta Sayulita and does´t take very long to get there. 

There are several authorised boat tour companies that go to the islands and to the entry point for the hidden beach itself. You have to be a little careful when entering the cave, swimming under the volcanic rock that lies between the rocks of the main island. It can only be done when the tide is low. But then you reach the very white sand, the crisp clean water and the sound of wind blowing throught the rocks mixed with the sound of waves breaking on the shore. This is one amazing secret not to be missed.

secrets of sayulita

secrets of sayulita

Secrets of Sayulita Number 3 – Yoga at Haramara 

Haramara means ”Mother Sea” in the native Huichol Indian language.  This yoga retreat is secluded in the jungle with an amazing beach view. With an emphasis on being one with nature, this magical place was built without mechanical equipment so as to not damage the jungle, and each structure was hand-built using traditional construction methods. This little gem of a secret is another unique Sayulita experience.

secrets of sayulita

Secrets of Sayulita Number 4 – Las Paletas 

Paleta is a popsicle or lollipop and the selection at Wakika Heladeria is endless. Choose between the rich creamy milk based popsicles or the lighter ice based fruit popsicles. Everything is excellent, you won`t be disappointed. Prices are good and on a hot summer day there´s nothing better!


secrets of sayulita

Secrets of Sayulita Number 5 – Snorkelling

The main beach of Sayulita is better suited for surfers rather than snorkelers but there are some great snorkel locations within walking distance from Sayulita. While you may want to bring your own snorkelling equipment to Sayulita there are some rental shops available. The rental shops are a good place to find out about snorkelling excursions to see some of the area’s best snorkelling spots.

For example, La Marietas Islands have incredible rock formations and coves. In addition to swimming with a variety of colourful tropical fish, you can encounter octopus, tropical blow fish and spotted rays. Snorkelers of all ages can experience intense blue waters in a safe environment. The islands are just a short boat ride from Sayulita.

secrets of sayulita

secrets of sayulita

Secrets of Sayulita Number 6 – Horseback Riding

Whether a beginner or an experienced equestrian there are a few great options for horse back riding in Sayulita. Go riding on the beach at sunset or through well known paths in the jungle with a guide.

Painted Ponies’ horses are all good quality horses, and receive quality care. The horses have happy dispositions and are lovely movers, which makes it a very enjoyable experience for all levels of riders. There is also the family run Rancho Mi Chaparrita where horses are their passion. They have horses that will match all ages and skill levels.

Punta Sayulita cuisine

Food Lovers of the World ! Rejoice. Here´s the insider guide to the best cuisine in Sayulita.

The insider guide to the best cuisine in Sayulita.

Many people come to Sayulita for the beach lifestyle, to retire, to surf, or to invest in property. But time and time again we hear that many clients are pleasantly surprised by the quality and variety of food in Sayulita. In a recent visitor survey we also discovered that the cuisine in Sayulita scored highly as one of the main reasons why people return to Sayulita. We set out to investigate the best locations and discovered a unique selection of Mexican, non-Mexican, gourmet, ready to eat street food and a few hidden delights that you have to taste to believe.

cuisine in sayulita

El Itacate

For superb tacos try El Itacate in the center of town. They provided a variety of options all of which come with hot sauces, fresh herbs, pickled onions, grilled jalapeno peppers, re-fried beans and tortilla chips. El Itacate is popular for lunch and always satisfies. 

Don Pedro’s Restaurant

cuisine in sayulita

Don Pedros of Sayulita

Don Pedro´s

For outstanding beach views and outstanding cuisine in Sayulita this is the top restaurant. Located right on the beach it has become known as a great place for seafood and traditional Mexican cuisine.

 cuisine in sayulita

La Terrazola 
cuisine in sayulita

La Terrazola

Also recognised as a great place for weddings La Terrazola is located directly on the beach. The grilled fish and traditional Mexican dishes are well known with vacationers and locals who like to enjoy beachfront dining, great food and a casual atmosphere.

 cuisine in sayulita

Choco Banana

cuisine in sayulita

Choco Banana is part of Sayulita history and has developed to become the heart of Sayulita. Located on the edge of the town square it has become a must stop for locals and vacationers in Sayulita. The choco bananas started out as a treat sold from a cooler on the Sayulita beach. Now it offers much more. 

We highly recommend a variety of fantastic breakfasts on the menu. French roast (great with bananas), bagels with healthy toppings, fruit smoothies, sandwiches and raps. Vegans and vegatarians can also choose from a decent selection of tasty options.

cuisine in sayulita


What caught our eye was the enticing eggs and bacon served with a side dish of pico de gallo and seasoned potatoes. It´s the perfect place for families with kids and the best way to start your day!

cuisine in sayulita

The Cake Lady

cuisine in sayulita

The Cake Lady, Anna

The Cake Lady, also know as Anna, appears at night in the central square. Her selection of cakes are cheap, fresh, varied and to die for. You can look forward to cheese cake, strawberry pie, banana and nut cake, carrot cake, triple chocolate cake, orange bread and several types of delicious flan.



5 Inspiring People that visited Punta Sayulita lately, and left feeling insired

Here’s a run down of 5 of the most inspiring people that visited Punta Sayulita lately. From famous actors, world travelling DJ’s, spiritual teachers and singers, there’s something for everyone in Sayulita.


José María Torre is an famous Mexican actor and fashion designer. Some of his films include Más negro que la noche and El Crimen del Cácaro Gumaro. He also played the lead role in hit TV series Dueños del paraíso and Corona de lágrimas. We are proud to have him stay with us. 

Inspiring People that visited Punta Sayulita


Melanie Fronckowiak was spotted in Sayulita during 2015 on a much needed holiday. The Brazilian beauty, singer and actor was seen tanning on the beach and practicing sport. We are excited to have her beauty and talent visit us in Sayulita.

Inspiring People that visited Punta Sayulita


DJ’s are well known for finding the coolest beaches and locations around the world. From Ibiza to St. Barts you can be assured that entertainers like world famous DJ Sasha know the best locations. His visits here always sound really good.

Inspiring People that visited Punta Sayulita


As a great testament to the diversity of people who visited Sayulita in 2015 we were delighted to hear that buddhist monk and spiritual teacher Michael Roach was here. As a leading writer in the wisdom of yoga he was reported to have been pleasantly surprised by the popularity of Sayulita as a great place to practice.

Inspiring People that visited Punta Sayulita


Hollywood actor Rodrigo Santoro has appeared in many successful movies, including Brainstorm, Love Actually, Che, I Love You Phillip Morris, and Rio. Santoro is also a surfing enthusiast and while visiting Punta Sayulita he told us about his career, his past times and why he thinks Sayulita is a leading water sports destination.

Read the full interview here

Inspiring People that visited Punta Sayulita



8 Reasons to Retire in Mexico

A growing number of retirees are considering retirement abroad.  Many others have already taken the plunge. Spending your retirement years abroad has evolved from a fantasy available only to the privileged few to an increasingly attractive option for many retirees.

Most ex-pat havens in former “Third World” countries now have good, basic infrastructure and fast, reliable telecommunications links, making the world more interconnected than ever before.

Mexico has been a top retirement destination for over 60 years. Today, more U.S. and Canadian ex-pats live in Mexico than in any other country in the world. In case you’re wondering why, we’ve compiled a list of 8 reasons why you should choose a Mexico retirement.

photo by luigi alesi

photo by luigi alesi

1. To escape the harsh rigors of winter

Living in a climate without extremely cold temperatures for at least part of the year promotes better health. Mexico offers a choice of climates ranging from the “Eternal Spring” of towns like San Miguel de Allende and Ajijic – to dry desert heat and hot and sunny tropical beach destinations.

photo by belgianchocolate

photo by belgianchocolate

2. The chance to relax and settle into a slower pace of life

The laid-back pace of life in Mexico is just the ticket after a number of stressful years in the rat race.  Here, you can take the time to relax and enjoy your retirement and still be active. In Mexico, no one will begrudge you that refreshing afternoon siesta!

photo by Marian Zambrano

photo by Marian Zambrano

3. Delicious food and cuisine

Basic foods and drink cost much less in Mexico than in Europe and North America. And the food in Mexico is wonderful! Fresh fruit, especially the sweet and juicy tropical varieties, is readily available at local markets or right off the farmer’s truck! Vegetables, meats and fish can easily be found at very reasonable prices.

Eating out at your friendly neighborhood taco stand is a great value as well. Who can resist the wonderful aroma of fresh hot tortillas, grilled chicken, hearty soups and stews and the ubiquitous tacos as you wander the streets after sunset?

Photo-by-J Stephen Conn

Photo-by-J Stephen Conn

4. First-class health care facilities

Retirees will be happy to learn that top-quality health care is widely available in Mexico.  Every mid-size to large city has at least one world-class medical facility. Private clinics staffed by well-trained doctors, medical specialists and dentists can be found throughout the country. And the best part? Health care costs, on average, are about half of what you’d expect to pay in the U.S.



5. A vibrant culture

From beautiful colonial cities, such as Guanajuato and Morelia, to the ruins of ancient civilizations – Mexico’s rich cultural heritage has so much to offer.

The people of Mexico are warm and friendly. Instead of rehashing the past and worrying about the future, they live in the present moment.

Prepare to be awed by local handicrafts and the amazing artwork of the indigenous people. No matter where they decide to settle, retirees will enjoy close contact with a rich cultural heritage.

6. Thriving ex-pat communities

There are active ex-pat communities all over Mexico which offer many activities for both ex-pats and locals alike. Joining these groups makes it easy to get involved in local projects and make new friends. English is widely spoken in these communities, but a good working knowledge of Spanish doesn’t hurt.

7. Easy access to family and friends “Back Home”

Mexico is the United States’ closest neighbor to the south, so regular flights to and from major North American cities are readily available. More adventurous types can simply pack up the car and drive back in a matter of days.

8. Affordable real estate

You knew we couldn’t get by without mentioning this! Yes, Mexican real estate is affordable, even on a retirement income. Property taxes are low and barriers to foreign property ownership have been simplified or removed entirely.  We’ll have more on this in an upcoming article.

In conclusion…

Wherever you go in this vast and colorful country, the people will welcome you and make you feel at home.  The spectacular scenery and picturesque villages will marvel and enchant you. And the easy lifestyle will keep you coming back again and again. Consider a retirement in Mexico, you’ll be glad you did.

5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Sayulita

Located about 30 miles northwest of Puerto Vallarta, the once-quiet village of Sayulita is now one of the hottest travel destinations in the Riviera Nayarit.


This small city (population 4,000) has become a prime destination for young surfers, families and online entrepreneurs looking for beach-town bliss on a budget. If you haven’t been to Sayulita yet, here are 5 reasons to swing by and check it out.


#1 – Wonderful Winter Weather
The best time to visit Sayulita is during the winter months. With mild daytime temperatures ranging from the mid-70’s to the mid-80’s, sunny Sayulita offers the perfect environment for a winter getaway. Winter is the dry season and rains are few and far between, so you can expect plenty of sunny days during your visit – even if it’s several months long!

sayulita winter weather 1

Photo by Steve Bissonnette

#2 – Beautiful Beaches
One of Sayulita’s biggest attractions are its remarkable beaches. Take a stroll along the 2-mile stretch of the busy main beach and watch people swim, surf, eat, and play. Head off on a jungle trek to find some of the lesser-known hidden beaches in the surrounding area: Playa de los Muertos, Carricitos, Patzcuaro, Las Cuevas and Malpasos. Enjoy a refreshing dip in the Pacific or simply hang out in a lounge chair or under a shady palapa and catch up on some R & R.

Photo by Steve Bissonnette

Photo by Steve Bissonnette

Photo by Steve Bissonnette

Photo by Steve Bissonnette

#3 – Family-Friendly Fun
Sayulita is an exceptional place to spend a family holiday. The beach is the perfect place to hang out, swim and catch a few waves. Sayulita also offers stand-up paddle boarding, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, hiking, mountain biking and more.

sayulita family fun 2

Rancho Mi Chaparrita near Sayulita offers lots of fun activities for young and old. Zip through the treetops on an exhilarating ride on canopy zip lines and marvel at the best views around. Or take in the local scenery on horseback or on an ATV as you explore the jungle trails and nearby beach.

Photo by Trip Advisor

Photo by Trip Advisor


Photo by Trip Advisor

Photo by Trip Advisor


Photo by Traveling canucks

Photo by Traveling canucks

Golfers will be happy about all the amazing golf courses located just minutes from Sayulita: Flamingos, El Tigre, Litibú, Las Huertas in San Pancho and Campo de Ensueño in El Monteón.

Michaparrita Sports Activities
Flamingos Golf
El Tigre Golf 
Riviera Nayarit Golf

Why I love San Pancho 
Campo de Ensuenos

Photo by homeaway

Photo by homeaway

At the La Patrona polo field in nearby San Pancho, you can enjoy equestrian activities and events in a fabulous rural setting. This world-class polo field offers private lessons, indoor and outdoor polo fields, and a cultural and culinary center. Stop by and watch a practice match or see world-class players compete in the international tournaments being held here throughout the winter season.

Polo Vallarta

#4 – Fabulous Food
You can find a restaurant to suit nearly every taste in Sayulita. If you count the taco stands and food trucks, this boho pueblo offers at least 100 places to satisfy your cravings. The dining experiences are varied – ranging from cheap Mexican eats to award-winning fine dining establishments.

Any type of breakfast fare you could want is available here – from healthy, fresh-squeezed juices and green smoothies to decadent pancakes and waffles drizzled with chocolate and topped with whipped cream. And, although there’s no Starbucks, Sayulita is packed with so many great coffee shops that you won’t even miss it!
If you’re looking for a quick and easy snack, then the street-side taco stands will fill you up for just a few pesos. For a more exotic dining experience, Sayulita offers many tasty options from around the globe: Italian, American, Argentinian, Spanish, Lebanese and, of course, Mexican in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Photo by traveling canucks

Photo by traveling canucks

You’ll find mouth-watering pizza, scrumptious sandwiches… and the seafood? Absolutely divine! Try the mahi-mahi, marlin tacos, or plates of shrimp cooked in an infinite number of ways… it’s always fresh and oh so good!

#5 – Sensational Surf
Sayulita Bay is a surfer’s paradise, especially during the winter months when the north swells hit. There’s a perfect, gentle break at the sand bar which is ideal for beginners and longboard enthusiasts alike while the waves at the left break provide a challenging experience for advanced surfers. Sayulita is also a great place to learn stand-up paddleboarding, a sport which has gained popularity in the area over the last few years.

Photo by Suracer

Photo by Suracer

On the main beach, there are a number of surf schools where you can catch a quick lesson. Boards of all type can be rented there: longboards, boogie boards, and even kayaks. However, less adventurous spirits might enjoy spending the afternoon in a comfortable lounge chair sipping margaritas while watching the surf dudes ride the waves in their stead.

Photo by Sayulita Surf Classic

Photo by Sayulita Surf Classic

escape from america :sayulita surf
Of course, there are lots of other reasons to visit Sayulita, which you’re sure to discover once you arrive. Make it a point to include a trip to Sayulita on your next Mexican holiday – you’ll love it so much you won’t want to leave!