Punta Sayulita is honored to have Rodrigo Santoro as our guest

Rodrigo_Santoro_punta-sayulitaPunta Sayulita is delighted to have staying with us one of Brazil’s most talented and famous actors, Rodrigo Junqueira dos Reis Santoro. Rodrigo has gone on to achieve worldwide fame, playing several larger-than-life characters in a number of feature films. He is best-known for his portrayal of Xerxes, the Persian “God-King” who sent his massive army to conquer Greece in Warner Bros. “300” – a film which broke box office records throughout the world. Rodrigo has also gained international attention for the role of Paulo in ABC’s hit series Lost and received a Best Actor nomination for the film “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” for his role as Alex. He won the Chopard Trophy of Male Revelation at Cannes in 2004.

In his native Brazil, Rodrigo has won over a dozen prestigious awards for various roles. Finally, he portrayed Jesus Christ in the remake of the epic film “Ben-Hur”, now in post-production and scheduled to be released in late February, 2016.

Punta Sayulita is honored to have him as our guest.

Punta Sayulita: Thank you, Rodrigo, for your time and for answering a few questions for us.

One of your most notable roles, so far, was that of Xerxes, the Persian “God-King” for which you were nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Villain. What did you find most challenging about this part?

Rodrigo Santoro: Well, to be honest, it is hard to pick just one thing that was challenging about playing this part. First, there was the long physical preparation. I had to follow a very strict diet for three months and then very intense training in order to achieve the physicality that was required for this character. Also, the make up process was very, very long, around 5 to 6 hours every day. And, finally thewhole process of working against the green screen was a lesson in itself. It takes a lot of imagination to fill in every element that is not there. So, the level of concentration is very high. But, I must say that when I watched the film for the first time I was completely amazed by the fantastic work they did in post-production.

The final result looked terrific!

Punta Sayulita: In your latest role, you play Jesus in the remake of the movie “Ben Hur” – from “God-King” to “Son of God”. How did it feel to play such an important historical figure?

Rodrigo Santoro: It felt like a gigantic responsibility, but at the same time an immeasurable opportunity.

What a blessing it was to be able to dive into his teachings and try to understand them at a deeper and human level. It was an absolutely unforgettable experience.

Punta Sayulita: During your time in Italy, you were blessed by Pope Francis, a fellow Latin American. Tell us about that.

Rodrigo Santoro: Well, first of all, that was literally a blessing because I didn’t know that I was going to meet him. It was not programmed in advance. I went to see him speak in San Pedro square like millions of other people from all over the world. And it happened! It was a very unique moment in my life. I cannot describe it with words. All I can say is that I will never forget it and will always be grateful for the experience.

Punta Sayulita: Of all the roles you’ve had so far, which one did you find the most challenging and why?

Rodrigo Santoro: You know, that’s a very difficult question to answer because each role had its own story and taught me something different. I believe it is like asking a parent to choose which child is their favorite. A few projects that were very important in my career, for various reasons, were: “Love Actually”, “300”, “CHE”, “I love you, Philip Morris”, “The 33”, “Heleno” and “Ben-Hur”.

Punta Sayulita: You’ve certainly been busy the last while, with parts in over half a dozen feature films as well as an HBO TV series. I can see why you might need a vacation. And you’ve found the perfect place to unwind here in beautiful Sayulita. Is this your first time here? What attracted you to our village?

Rodrigo Santoro: Yes, this is my first time here. I was looking for a place in Mexico to take a little vacation. I wanted a place with a good vibe, warm water and great beaches – one that was surrounded by the beauty of nature. Well, I found it,it is called Sayulita.

Punta Sayulita: Where did you first hear about Punta Sayulita?

Rodrigo Santoro: A good friend of mine, who happens to be Mexican, told me I could find a little hidden paradise here called Punta Sayulita.

Punta Sayulita: Why did you choose to spend your vacation here?

Rodrigo Santoro: When I researched Punta Sayulita on the Internet, I quickly realized my friend was right. Punta Sayulita was definitely a place I needed to visit. I learned I could surf and practice other water sports like stand-up paddle, kayak, swimming… And, it had the two things I love the most – the jungle and the ocean. Right then I bought my ticket.

Photo by Suracer

Photo by Suracer

Punta Sayulita: And, how have you been spending your time off?

Rodrigo Santoro: I have been enjoying every little corner of this place. I have found little hidden beaches. I have been practicing water sports every day. I have been forgetting about the time while enjoying the warm water and the sun. I have been watching stunning sunsets and enjoying great food at the little restaurants in town.

Punta Sayulita: So, how do we rate compared to other tropical vacation destinations?

Rodrigo Santoro: What makes Punta Sayulita unique is that in a few days you start to feel as if you are at home. The accommodations are just wonderful – you have everything you need and everything is tastefully done. The whole setup here provides safety and you feel free to explore and enjoy everything it has to offer. I feel very lucky to have discovered Punta Sayulita. And I look forward to coming back soon to spend even more time in this little paradise.

Punta Sayulita: Thank you, Rodrigo, for sharing your thoughts with us. It’s been a pleasure talking with you.

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Eco-Friendly Luxury Living

Eco-Friendly Luxury Living – An Oxymoron? Not at Punta Sayulita!

Just south of the popular surf destination of Sayulita, Nayarit, there’s an up-and-coming upscale residential community less than an hour’s drive from the Puerto Vallarta airport. A low-density, 33-acre enclave located on a peninsula boasting sandy beaches, lush, tropical vegetation and majestic ocean views. This unique, family-friendly luxury resort is none other than: Punta Sayulita!

What is Punta Sayulita?

Situated in the heart of one of Mexico’s most attractive tourist destinations, the Riviera Nayarit – Punta Sayulita is a family-friendly community of elegant residential homes designed with privacy, security and breathtaking views in mind. Within this jungle paradise by the sea, the utmost care is taken to ensure responsible development in harmony with the surrounding environment.

A Development That Respects the Natural Habitat

Although it is beautifully forested, the peninsula for which Punta Sayulita is named is rugged and steep. To best preserve the natural beauty of this exquisite site, the number of single-family homes to be built here is strictly limited.

Each of these sumptuous residences is intended to fit into the steep hillsides and jungle canopy, while blending in with the lush, tropical landscape which surrounds it. This allows Punta Sayulita residents to enjoy the best in luxury living while both preserving the extraordinary natural environment and providing outstanding ocean and jungle views.

Eco-Sensitive Balinese-Style Homes on the Vallarta-Nayarit Coast

Of all the architectural models that have been proposed, the developers at Punta Sayulita have retained four stunning residential designs: the Tree House, la Casa, la Casita Escondida and la Casa Bambú. The open floor plans, incorporating natural sources of light wherever possible, and orienting the construction such that it takes advantage of the natural ocean breezes reduces the impact on the environment. Quality materials and finishes are carefully chosen to add character while creating an extraordinary, unique experience in luxury living.

Indulge in Open-Air Living in a Tropical, Oceanside Jungle Setting The natural beauty and low-density construction in Punta Sayulita provide a unique jungle environment for its residents. Hiking trails weave their way throughout the development offering numerous opportunities for exercise, bird-watching, and simply taking advantage of the best in open-air living.

Exceptional Beach Club Facilities

Punta Sayulita also offers a number of locations for residents and their guests to get together, socialize, hold special events or pamper themselves. Follow the link to learn more about the fabulous Punta Sayulita Beach & Surf Club.


Want to Know More?

Ready to invest in a hand-crafted retirement villa, a luxury jungle surf retreat with amazing waves throughout the year, and/or an investment property in a tropical paradise enjoying one of the fastest growth rates in Mexico? Then, a comfortable casa in Punta Sayulita may be just what you’re looking for! Call us today and find out why an eco-friendly, luxury residence in Punta Sayulita is right for you!


photo by Leandro Martinez

Saving the turtles one hatchling at a time

Among the many wondersTurtledoo-300x225 of Sayulita is the wildlife which claim the coast for their home. The Olive Ridley turtle is one particular species which returns every year between June to December to nest and lay their eggs. Due to a continually changing world, at times we must lend a hand to preserve what we have, and for this reason the Sayulita Turtle Camp stepped in. Because the nests are buried deep in the sand, they must be found and protected from foot and ATV traffic. To ensure greater population success, when the little turtles hatch, they need a bit of assistance making their first journey into the sea.


The Sayulita coast has a couple turtle reserves along the shore and the organization in Sayulita began in 2007 with a group of locals and an American couple who donated part of their beach front property to be used for the hatching the eggs. The big break for the camp came in 2013 when they became a part of a civil association known as Red Tortuguera A.C. which helped them to get all the needed permits to start work even more effectively protecting the nests and keeping the nest poachers away. The program is run by volunteers led by biologist Alexandra, whose patrol through the nights and mornings along the beach to ensure the turtles can nest in peace.




They then move the eggs to the hatching area to be safe from the natural and societal predators in order to protect and conserve this endangered species. As the season is here for so many hatchlings, they have organized turtle releases almost every evening giving people the opportunity to be part of the project and participate on the everyday activities of the camp. This is truly a magical moment as you hold the tiny creature in your hand and take it to its destination. Seeing these little turtles making their first trip to the sea is something spectacular and educational as you lend a hand and learn a bit more about this amazing planet we live on. No wonder this has become one of the main attractions for visitors to see while spending their holidays in Sayulita.



Punta Sayulita has supported the turtle rescue over the years and plans to continue this communal effort to protect our piece of paradise. We highly value the work Campamento Tortuga is doing and see it as an honor to be part of this incredible program. We would like to encourage everyone who comes to Sayulita and those who live in Punta Sayulita to experience this amazing program and become involved in protecting the nature around us.

Got interested? Read more about the Sayulita’s Campamento de Tortuguero from following links,
Red Tortuguera
Sayulita Beach article “Tortugas de Sayulita”
Sayulitalife article “Sayulita! This is a We Thing!”

Blog cover photo by:

Leandro Martinez

Punta Sayulita Beach and Surf Club: Fabulous for Food, Fitness and Fun

The newly opened Beach & Surf Club is the heart of the Punta Sayulita community. Residents and guests can relax in comfort on the private beach or by the Jungle Pool, get in a workout or spa treatment, or take advantage of the many other amenities this exclusive community Beach Club has to offer.

Beach, Pool and Jacuzzi

The Beach Club boasts an expansive, infinity-edge swimming pool in which you can take a refreshing dip while you feast your eyes on the spectacular ocean views. Or, catch up on your reading in one of the comfortable lounge chairs on the tranquil, private beach. What a wonderful way spend a quiet afternoon in the midst of this lush, tropical landscape!

Afterward, enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience in the Jacuzzi. Feel the warm jets of water massaging your tired muscles for an exhilarating, revitalizing sensation.

Fitness Center

PUNTA-SAYULITA-AMENITIES-03Staying in shape has never been easier with Punta Sayulita’s well-appointed fitness center. This modern facility offers state-of-the-art strength training and cardiovascular equipment, thereby allowing you to maintain your fitness program during your Mexican holiday getaway. The fitness center is designed such that gentle ocean breezes flow throughout, keeping you cooled down as you work up a sweat.

Spa Services

Treat yourself to an invigorating body treatment deftly provided by our qualified therapists. Choose from a number of facial and body treatments, including: sea salt body scrubs, body and deep tissue massages, herbal body wraps, reflexology, facials and more! Punta Sayulita’s spa services can be held either at the spa, in a private, ocean-side palapa, or in the comfort of your home. Contact the Concierge to book your spa session and allow yourself to be pampered in Paradise.

Sporting Equipment

punta-sayulita-mexico-casa-clubThe Beach Club offers unlimited access to all types of water sporting equipment, allowing you to satisfy your spirit of adventure and profit from the many aquatic activities available in the area.

We can provide whatever you and your guests need for a day of fun on the beautiful, blue Pacific: whether it be surfboards, kayaks, paddle boards, or gear for fishing and snorkeling. The Beach Club also has associations with few boats that will take you further afield, so you can sample other surf breaks in the area, go out on a whale watching excursions, try your hand at deep-sea fishing or explore nearby secluded beaches.

Nature Trail System

punta-sayulita-luxury-in-nature-01There’s an extensive trail system woven throughout the Punta Sayulita community to be explored and enjoyed. Trails are available in varying difficulty levels; no matter what your fitness level, if you are able to walk, there’s sure to be a trail that will fit your needs. You can choose from an easy, scenic stroll overlooking the tropical countryside, longer hikes to hidden beaches with dramatic ocean views, or challenging workouts up and down rugged slopes which are guaranteed to cause you to break a sweat. You can hike them on foot or ride along on your mountain bike. Bring along your camera and binoculars and examine the amazing flora and fauna that is endemic to this fabulous coastal region.

Outdoor Entertaining

Are you looking for a venue to accommodate a large number of people for a special occasion, such as a wedding, an anniversary or a very special birthday celebration? Don’t worry, at Punta Sayulita we’ve got you covered.

The Punta Sayulita Beach & Surf Club has a wet bar designed especially for important events such as these. The spacious plaza is perfect for entertaining groups, large or small, underneath the open sky. And the delightful ocean vistas are the icing on the cake!

Xotu Restaurant

PUNTA-SAYULITA-AMENITIES-08Off to one side of the Beach Club, you’ll find the Xotu Restaurant. Xotu, which means “flower” in the local Huichol language, serves a variety of cuisines from Mexico and beyond. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner on the beautiful seaside terrace while gazing upon the best views Sayulita has to offer.

In the morning, the restaurant will serve you up with traditional breakfast fare: fruit plates, eggs prepared any way you like, pancakes, yogurt and chiliquiles. Later in the day, the menu is expanded to include dishes from various points of the globe. You can savor typical Mexican dishes such as fajitas, fish and seafood tacos, ceviche, guacamole, and flan; or traditional American favorites such as ham and cheese sandwiches, hamburgers and fries, USDA steaks, and salads. Xotu also offers a selection of fresh-baked pizzas for a little taste of Italy.

Other Beach Club Amenities

PUNTA-SAYULITA-AMENITIES-06The “Cava”, an intimate space with a somewhat medieval flair, is a great place to savor a glass of wine in the company of your guests or to cater a special event. There’s also a spacious game room and a well-stocked library where the kids can hang out.

The Beach and Surf Club at Punta Sayulita has it all. With so many options to choose from , there’s sure to be something to please everyone. Take advantage of this exclusive space and all it has to offer for a relaxing, luxurious, idyllic vacation experience.

The Puerto Vallarta Fireworks Festival Starts off with a Bang

Puerto Vallarta became the first Mexican city to host the International Fireworks Festival, which ran from Christmas Day until New Year’s Eve. Pyrotechnic teams from four different countries (Canada, Italy, Spain and the USA) as well as those from five Mexican states (Jalisco, Mexico State, Puebla, Sonora and Zacatecas) took part in the event.

Dazzling fireworks displays lit the sky above Bandaras Bay every night during the holidays. Fireworks were launched from 3 different locations: Los Muertos Pier, the Malecón and Peninsula. Live concerts featuring popular bands and musicians such as Lila Downs, Los 3 Zenzontles, Azul Violeta and many others were also part of the program.

In honor of the festival, Ally Cat, a charter company from Sayulita, organized a special evening cruise on December 29th.. Participants had the opportunity of sailing to Puerto Vallarta to enjoy the brilliant fireworks display from a unique vantage point on-board.

Participants boarded the Ally Cat bus in downtown Sayulita for the short trip to La Cruz, where the spacious catamaran was waiting. The boat launched around 6.30 pm and, not that it wasn’t already a treat to be spending a random Monday night on board, nature spoiled us with an amazing sunset just as we were leaving the harbor.

The fireworks competition began at 9pm and Ally Cat had front-row seats for sure! From here, we were able to enjoy the world class fireworks display without having to contend with the hustle and bustle on shore. Instead, we were able to sit back on the uncrowded deck, surrounded by beautiful ocean waves, and sip margaritas while watching the colorful display. Over the course of the 30-minute show, every color imaginable was splashed onto the Vallarta skyline.

Overall, the Puerto Vallarta International Fireworks Festival was a resounding success, with the local Hotel Association reporting 100% occupancy over the course of the event. With such spectacular results, there is little doubt that it will become an annual event on the Puerto Vallarta festival circuit.

Some photos maybe not be related to Puerto-Vallarta
Photos by:
Christian Frausto Bernal
Scott Cresswell


There are very few childhood dreams that become realities.  Some of us may have become the fireman or the ballerina, married the prom king or traveled the world, but very few can say they found their luxury treehouse in Never Never Land.
What if form and function met the land of fairytale, would it really be all we had imagined?  Punta Sayulita can tell you yes it really is and a whole lot more because we have just completed the first of our Punta Sayulita Treehouse designer homes featuring all the classic openness and rustic materials of the legendary residence in the trees with all of today’s elegance and amenities.

For every great house ever built, it begins with finding the perfect location.  There was no question when Punta Sayulita saw the jungle covered hillside on the farthest point of the Sayulita bay. From every direction the eyes are delighted by lush green tropical plants, white capped surf and an endless array of painted skies. When planning the house of your dreams, there are few places on earth that can match the exquisite beauty and tranquil splendor of this enchanted paradise.


When the treehouse was designed, every board and stone was chosen to softly blend into the coastline and deftly constructed to take full advantage of the surrounding landscape. The exterior is a bi-level home built from local wood as well as stones from the region topped with a steep pitched palapa and surrounded on both levels by sweeping patios with 270 degree views.  Under generous awnings, windows stretch from floor to ceiling creating the unrestricted living of a true outdoor home. Expansive retractable doorways fold in to open the entire front of the house to fresh ocean breezes and night time skies.  The natural hardwood floors on the inside seamlessly connect the interior to large terraces creating a inviting indoor-outdoor space.  With a home that has folding windows for walls, this treehouse makes year round living a possibility and a dream come true.


To meet different needs, floor plans offer two or three bedroom options as well as an optional loft above the dining room/play room on the second floor.  Also on the top floor a state of the art kitchen beckons to create fresh home cooked food, connected to an ample living space for entertaining and relaxing.  Meals can be enjoyed indoors along the kitchen bar or at a dining table as well as on the deck wrapping around the kitchen. On the other side of the den is a large bedroom opening up to the blue of the Pacific and a master bathroom with his and her sinks made from the finest marble.  To complete the experience of open living there are private outdoor showers lined in stone with natural wood accents. This level also boasts a grand entryway from behind the home, a laundry room, a small service quarter with an attached bathroom, a full guest bathroom and an indoor BBQ grill.


Behind the main living space is a staircase going downstairs to a cozy sitting room stretching out to a partially covered Jacuzzi/soaking pool perfect for steamy summer days and cool night star gazing.  The bedrooms are off to the sides featuring the master bedroom with master bath and walk in closet space and a second bedroom with a complete bath, shared in the three bedroom floor plan. To optimize treehouse living in the modern world there is a family style TV room perfect for friends and game days.

That’s not the only modern addition available.  A Bose stereo system runs throughout the house for exemplary sound and enjoyment.  Minisplit air conditioners are in each room to keep you cool during those tropic summer nights as well as ceiling fans for fresh air circulation. The temperature controlled Infinity pool gives the right touch year round and private parking adds convenience to life in the real world. There is even the possibility for an elevator making accessibility key.

The clever design of outdoor living interwoven with the luxuries of indoor comfort make for a perfect combination of childhood fantasy and adult practicality.


Come Enjoy An Oasis Of Relaxation In Punta Sayulita

When was the last time you surround yourself in breathtaking beauty on a luxury vacation somewhere? Whether you are a fine connoisseur of the most luxurious reservations and secluded islands of the planet, or you have been simply contemplating the idea of booking an exotic vacation for a long time, we strongly recommend to take a look at the Punta Sayulita offer. Start planning your next family vacation right now and get in touch with us so we can help you make the best inspired choices in terms of accommodation. Mexico is an amazing country to visit and it is also very permissive in terms of entertainment, so it makes for an ideal location for your next escape from the daily stress.

Come See The Mexican Football Team Play Live!

We will provide you with gorgeous oceanview and oceanfront homes with spectacular design and quality construction. This will help you have a most relaxing time in the warm and tropical Sayulita. Grab your favorite local beer there while out on the terrace and pull out your phone or tablet and check the news back home, refresh your photo albums on Instagram, tweet your favorite Sayulita pictures and most memorable times and gain access to the sites you usually visit online at home. If you are a big sports fan and you particularly enjoy playing football or tennis, you can find the latest events, news, and information on your favorite teams on the golisports.com site. You could check out the latest scores and use the information in case you are also a punter. With internet access and a mobile device you can access a bookmaker with, you will still be able to place your regular weekly bets even while away in Mexico. And if you are there and you read about an upcoming game of the national Mexican football team, you should take advantage and buy tickets.

Everything You Need To Know About The Mexican Football Team

The Mexico national football team is the team that represents the country in the international world of football and it is fielded by the Mexican Football Federation. This is the main governing body here and it is also a competing member of the CONCACAF, including North and Central America, plus the Caribbean. Should you decide to go to a national team game while in Mexico, you should know it will take place on the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. As a coach, they are currently being trained by Ricardo Ferretti as an interim coach, with the Mexican team ranking 27th as part of the FIFA international ranking.

Plus, the team has obtained the amazing performance of having officially qualified to no less than 15 World Cups and, together with Germany and Brazil, the national team of Mexico is also part of the group stage during the last 6 World Cups. It has won 11 CONCACAF championships and also the only team that has won a FIFA competition during the FIFA Confederations Cup in 1999.

First Completed Residence At Punta Sayulita

Punta Sayulita is pleased to showcase the first newly completed home in our community. This Casa is perched just above the Beach Club with panoramic views across the bay, the village of Sayulita, the mountains and the coast.

Punta Sayulita Interiors created a serene residence that mirrors Punta Sayulita’s architectural emphasis on indoor and outdoor spaces, timeless craftsmanship and quality materials.The Mexican-Polynesian interior design blends carefully curated collections and custom-made pieces that reflect the beauty and culture of Mexico and the personality of Punta Sayulita. Rachel and her team spent months scouring tiny shops and researching talented craftsmen throughout Mexico hand-selecting one-of-a-kind items for their intended purpose in the home. Pieces that connect the home to its location and local culture. This home reflects Rachel’s philosophy that good design is elegant, clean and above all comfortable.