Holidays in the Tropics

One of the joys of living abroad is seeing the unique differences in culture and immersing yourself in local celebrations filled with joyful laughter, dancing, music and tradition.
Mexico offers beauty and entertainment all through the month of December in honor of the country’s patron saint, the Lady of Guadalupe. The festivities begin on December 4th and continue until December 12th as each neighborhood within Sayulita chooses an evening to assemble a parade displaying the Virgin’s religious story and share it through the town.

In the plaza, elaborate dances are held in beautifully adorned, traditional attire representing different fabrics of culture around the country. The marching bands and Mariachi send rhythm and moving tunes through the air giving everyone the urge to move their feet, and the holiday food is a treat for the senses. This is one of Mexico’s largest celebration of the year with deeply faithful bonds. Hundreds still make the annual pilgrimage to Mexico City to participate in the mass offered at the Basilica of Guadalupe. In Sayulita, the mass is held at midnight on December 12th at the church in the plaza. This is a peaceful experience as the soft glow of light pours out the church doors inviting everyone to stop and listen to angelic music and gentle blessings made by the local priest.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is followed by a global understanding of Christmas cheer and ringing in the New Year. Fireworks set the sky ablaze as the ten second countdown ushers up another year of possibility! The streets pulse with revelers dancing and singing as the world seems to pause allowing a moment for unanimous pleasure.

At Punta Sayulita, we are looking forward to our first Christmas with families staying at their houses. Everyone have a chance to enjoy communal fiestas while gathering under the Beach Club palapa with one of the best views of Sayulita’s shore. Families gather and neighbors build friendships in the holiday spirit and style of Mexico. This is a December filled with magic and wonder surrounded by one of the most exquisite landscapes in the world.


Photo / image by: Donna Cleveland

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Nature’s Winter Majesty

Nothing says wintertime better than a 40 ton humpback whale breaching the surface of a crystal bay while sipping coffee on a veranda surrounded by lush green jungle.
Well this is winter for all those who live in Sayulita, and from December to March the distant shore is a playground for migrating humpback whales as they skip along the surface for spectators to enjoy.

Whether lying on the sand, lounging on the patio or surfing the point, the majestic humpback whale is likely to be seen as thousands of these amazing creatures travel nearly 16,000 miles south for winter. These whales travel a little over one mile per hour and take their time coming down, often arriving in separate groups.  They spend the entire summer in northern waters to feed.  Then they migrate to the Bay of Banderas to mate and birth their calves before the long journey back north. It is a tremendous delight to see the small humpbacks, still around 400 pounds and 7 feet long, jumping through the surf without a care in the world.

Humpback whales prefer shallow waters and tend to stay around the coastlines when in the tropics. For this reason many have grown accustomed to people watching nearby and will come closer as if to offer a better look. They will swim alongside the boats and often surface near enough to feel the salty spray released as they breathe. Being playful they will often breach, twirl, slap their tail on the water and stick their heads out like a periscope. Many tours are offered in and around Sayulita so that everyone can enjoy the proximity of this extraordinary animal, but there are also strictly followed laws to ensure the safety and prosperity of this visiting marine life. The best experience is sitting on the beach at sunset and watching the darkened silhouette leap towards the sky.

With four months of tropical life, the humpback whales have plenty of time to create new families, enjoy the warmer waters and give all who live in the bay memories to last forever.


Photo by: Sandy/Chuck Harris

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The Punta Sayulita SUP Classic takes place from March 20th to the 22nd

Good news for SUP lovers! Stand Up Paddle Mexico
and Punta Sayulita have teamed up to organize SUP Classic as part of the Mexico SUP Tour. The event will take place from March 20-22 in Sayulita.

The main focus will be on the Elite and Distance race, in which a number of paddle board pros will compete against each other for a slice of the over $10 000 USD in prizes.

The event will kick off with a Kids’ Clinic on Friday afternoon in which volunteers will teach children the basics of stand up paddle boarding as well as offering them the opportunity to just have fun on the beach. This project is for the benefit of children who are attending Casa Clü (, a children’s community center in neighboring San Ignacio, a land-locked village about ten minutes south of Sayulita. The remainder of the day will be dedicated to an amateur paddle surf competition on Sayulita’s main break, which will be followed by the Professional paddle surf competition during Saturday and Sunday.

The main event on Saturday will be the Elite race, where several local “stars” will compete against the visiting Pros. Definitely a race not to miss!

The distance race takes place on Sunday, which will be followed by the prize ceremony on the beach. For paddlers who don’t feel ready to take on the champs, there will be a 4 km amateur race with separate categories for women and men as well as a 2 km FUN race for anyone ready to experience their first SUP competition.

In addition to Punta Sayulita, other sponsors of the Punta Sayulita SUP Classic are the Riviera Nayarit Tourist Association, AeroMexico, Riviera Paddle Surf and the Kupuri hotel from Sayulita. It is rewarding to see how many smaller local companies are interested in either sponsoring the event or helping out with its organization.

Stand Up Paddle Mexico has acquired considerable experience in organizing SUP competitions over the years. Each year, Mexico SUP Tour take place in 8 different spots across Mexico. They have become the best-known and most-attended SUP tournaments in Latin America.




San Pancho Music Festival 2015 Edition

Festival Sayulita VIP screening in Punta Sayulita

The second annual Festival Sayulita took place in various venues throughout the village from January 14th to the 17th , bringing with it many wonderful films, surfers, bands and quality beer and tequila tastings
. This four-day event got a head start the day before the official opening with an exclusive VIP event at the Punta Sayulita Beach Club.


VIP ticket holders enjoyed a preview of the movie “Down Here”, presented by Teach Grant who directed, co-wrote and co-starred in the film. The first screening of the film was a great success and the venue could not have been more perfect: a picturesque setting underneath the stars, surrounded by jungle, beach, ocean and gorgeous homes.

The movie screen was positioned next to the pier which allowed the audience to experience the spectacular ocean view before and during the screening. The Beach Club’s cocktail area was expanded with extra seating all the way down to the beach. The perimeter was surrounded by tiki torches, providing a cozy spot to socialize for those who wanted to continue chatting after the start of the movie.


Guests were served with delicious kabobs and sauces courtesy of Luka Romano from Miro Vino, one of Sayulita’s most popular Italian restaurants. As well, traditional fare was provided by Tacos Sahuayo, a Mexican eatery based in Puerto Vallarta.

Punta Sayulita is proud to participate in this extraordinary festival through the use of our beautiful location. We would like offer a special thank you to the organizers of the event for their hard work and dedication in promoting our town and its many attributes to the surrounding area and the world at large.


More information regarding Festival Sayulita can be found from their webpage:

Punta Sayulita Unveils its Innovative Concept of Higher Living

The first Punta Sayulita Open House event of 2015 started the year off with a bang.  Attended by realtors, developers and travel planners from the Vallarta-Nayarit Coast and beyond,
the event was a great opportunity for professionals in the Bandaras Bay and Costa Nayarit real estate and high-end travel markets to get a preview of the sumptuous new residences slated to be built in this 33-acre residential community.

Situated at the tip of a peninsula conveniently located just south of Sayulita village, Punta Sayulita is a relative newcomer to the Riviera Nayarit real estate scene.  However, the stunning location, combined with exquisitely-designed luxury homes, an extraordinary beach club and a friendly, highly-competent sales team are elements which ensure the project’s future success.

All the homes to be constructed within the Punta Sayulita adhere to one of four elegant designs: the Treehouse, the Casa, Casita Escondida and the Bambú, two of which were available for showing during this tour.  Through the judicious use of luxurious finishes and quality materials carefully selected to compliment the natural environment, each planned residence will be fully integrated with the landscape that surrounds it.

The first stop on the tour was the Treehouse, where the home’s gracious property manager, Marcela Gutierrez, was on hand to greet visitors and answer their questions and concerns about this particular home design. Dean Dilday, part of the affable Punta Sayulita sales team, was also available to provide information about the development, its infrastructure, and the menu of luxury home designs on offer.

The next stop was sneak peek at a model home built in the “Casa” style, an expansive, two-story residence complete with outdoor wet bar, grilling station, infinity-edge pool and spa.  Salvador Castrejón was there to greet and guide participants through this magnificent three-bedroom residence so they could get a glimpse of the ultimate in luxury living.

The tour culminated in a visit to the well-appointed Punta Sayulita Beach Club. This impeccably-designed beach complex offers all the amenities one could hope for, such as a fitness center, Jacuzzis, full-size swimming pool, beach access, library and game room. The club’s large, open-air  plaza and exhibition kitchen were designed to provide a convenient community space where larger groups can meet and mingle.

This spacious plaza is where the group met to enjoy wine and savor delicious canapes prepared and served by the friendly staff at Punta Sayulita’s own Xotu Restaurant. Aaron Fisher, sales director for the project, was there to welcome the group, get their feedback and answer any remaining questions about the direction in which the community is headed.


Participants in the tour were excited to see the progress being made at this up-and-coming residential community. With its prime location, spectacular ocean views, and beautifully-designed, spacious  homes, this new contender in the Vallarta-Nayarit Coast real estate market is definitely one that’s worth watching.

Valentine’s Day Traditions in Mexico

Now that February is here, many shops and restaurants in Mexico are being decorated with Cupids, ribbons, and pink hearts. Streets vendors make their rounds through the streets hawking heart-shaped balloons and flowers. Valentine’s Day must be just around the corner.

Though the observance of Valentine’s Day was imported from Europe and has no base in Mexican culture, the country has embraced the holiday with enthusiasm. However, instead of being merely an occasion to celebrate romantic love, Mexico’s version of the holiday also includes the recognition of friendship or warm feeling to anyone you care about. Here, February 14th is known as El Día del Amor y la Amistad, which translates to “The Day of Love and Friendship.” In Mexico, as in other places in the world, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by showing appreciation to the people you love. This is often done by giving flowers, especially roses, candies and balloons to their romantic partners. Many Mexicans will also present small gifts or greeting cards to close friends and family members. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for the love and friendship that you have in your life.

A common way for a young lover to try to win favor with his lady love on Valentine’s Day Eve is to hire a group of Mariachis, a traditional 3-piece band. The musicians accompany the young gallant as he serenades his beloved from below her window. This custom, which is not necessarily limited to Valentine’s Day, has been in practice in Mexico since colonial times. Although it is not specifically related to Valentine’s Day, there is one quaint, romantic tradition that still exists in certain parts of Mexico. “El paseo” is a traditional Sunday evening pastime in many small villages. The custom is for the young people of the community to get together and parade in circles around the town plaza under the watchful eyes of extended family members. Boys stroll in one direction and girls go the opposite way. When a young man spots a girl who piques his interest, he casually gives her a flower as they pass each other. If, on the next round, the young lady is still carrying the flower, it means she is not indifferent to her young admirer. Tradition dictates that, at this point, he can leave hisfriends to walk with his heart’s desire. This is likely the origin of the Spanish expression “andar con” <somebody> for the English term “to date”.

Telling someone “I love you.” in Spanish can be a little tricky as there are two different ways to say it. Use “te quiero” to express love to close friends and family members. However, if the feeling you wish to convey is a deeper, romantic one, use “te amo”.

¡Feliz día del amor y la amistad!

Casa Buena Vista – Punta Sayulita – Nayarit

Punta Sayulita has tucked a peaceful oasis into the jungle covered point of the Sayulita bay giving residents a secluded piece of paradise just minutes away from the quaint plaza and town center. The exquisite views and moderate distance from the bustle creates a retreat of enviable proportions, and now Casa Buena Vista is complete and ready to be your new home. With a prime location overlooking lush green jungle and the soft waves rolling in below you, there is no finer place to spend your time.

The property was designed by renowned developers, de Reus Architects, with a focus on working with the natural landscape to create a home which blends into and accentuates the organic beauty around it. Every detail of Casa Buena Vista was cultivated using raw materials to effortlessly meld with its surroundings. Elegantly crafted palapa roofs keep the home cool and lofty as an open concept fills in below. There are three bedrooms each with a private bath, two half baths, two outdoor showers, a state of the art kitchen and abundant living space at 8,675 square feet.

The top floor is at entry level featuring a master bedroom and master bath with hardwood cabinetry, natural stone counters and showers, twin sinks and a soaking tub. Wide glass doors open to an ample terrace to give unending painted skies and verdant rolling jungle every day. The living area and kitchen also feature expansive glass fronts opening on to furnished terraces bringing nature into the home. The same natural stone and hardwood also seamlessly blends the kitchen into the view. Prepping dinner has never been so appealing with a Wolf equivalent gas stove, built in microwave, 48” side door refrigerator with an icemaker for sunset drinks. Entertaining has never been so natural.



The lower level features a junior master bedroom and bath and a third bedroom for family and guests. The rooms are separated by a large entertainment room or a very nice study if you choose. All spaces have the airy, open concepts as the upper floor with sweeping windows and doors which open out to your private tropical playground. An Infinity pool stretches into the teal blues of the ocean below and the soft blue sky above. This is the spot you will spend most of your time, and that is why it was designed with all the amenities. A large outdoor wet bar sits alongside a furnished dining area and for outdoor cooking a gas grill and outdoor fire-pit are easy solutions. There are several sitting areas around the pool and spa for spending hours gazing and sleeping in the sun.


Casa Buena Vista is a newly completed home and on the market immediately for the genuinely fortunate ones who can understand the powerful beauty of a Mexican coastline of golden sand and alluring waters cradled by jungle covered hills. Every room can be open to fresh, salty breezes which will flow through the entire home carrying the lapping of the shore below. On the surrounding grounds residents have a plethora of entertainment options in the Beach Club and Surf Club. Water kayaks, stand up paddles and assorted water sports and fun equipment is available for use, outdoor grills, and a culinary kitchen for the main event! Every aspect of the grounds and the home were meticulously created to accentuate a life lived in splendor.

Eager to see more, check out the virtual tour of the house.