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Saving the turtles one hatchling at a time

Among the many wondersTurtledoo-300x225 of Sayulita is the wildlife which claim the coast for their home. The Olive Ridley turtle is one particular species which returns every year between June to December to nest and lay their eggs. Due to a continually changing world, at times we must lend a hand to preserve what we have, and for this reason the Sayulita Turtle Camp stepped in. Because the nests are buried deep in the sand, they must be found and protected from foot and ATV traffic. To ensure greater population success, when the little turtles hatch, they need a bit of assistance making their first journey into the sea.


The Sayulita coast has a couple turtle reserves along the shore and the organization in Sayulita began in 2007 with a group of locals and an American couple who donated part of their beach front property to be used for the hatching the eggs. The big break for the camp came in 2013 when they became a part of a civil association known as Red Tortuguera A.C. which helped them to get all the needed permits to start work even more effectively protecting the nests and keeping the nest poachers away. The program is run by volunteers led by biologist Alexandra, whose patrol through the nights and mornings along the beach to ensure the turtles can nest in peace.




They then move the eggs to the hatching area to be safe from the natural and societal predators in order to protect and conserve this endangered species. As the season is here for so many hatchlings, they have organized turtle releases almost every evening giving people the opportunity to be part of the project and participate on the everyday activities of the camp. This is truly a magical moment as you hold the tiny creature in your hand and take it to its destination. Seeing these little turtles making their first trip to the sea is something spectacular and educational as you lend a hand and learn a bit more about this amazing planet we live on. No wonder this has become one of the main attractions for visitors to see while spending their holidays in Sayulita.



Punta Sayulita has supported the turtle rescue over the years and plans to continue this communal effort to protect our piece of paradise. We highly value the work Campamento Tortuga is doing and see it as an honor to be part of this incredible program. We would like to encourage everyone who comes to Sayulita and those who live in Punta Sayulita to experience this amazing program and become involved in protecting the nature around us.

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Leandro Martinez