Discover Punta Sayulita and amazing surfing with Fernando Stalla

Fernando Stalla is recognised as one of the top 10 surfers and stand up paddlers in the world, has lived in Sayulita for many years AND works as a professional athlete and ambassador representing Punta Sayulita around the globe. 

Visitors to Punta Sayulita often take the opportunity to meet Fernando Stalla and go surfing in the best locations. If you haven´t tried Stand Up Paddling (SUP) then nows your chance to try!

Fernando was born in Fiji while his parents were sailing around the world so it´s no wonder he was drawn to the sea from the beginning. At the age of 12 he discovered Sayulita and it proved to be the perfect training ground for him and many other surfers.

He now spends his time travelling the world surfing in many of the top competitions during the warmer summer months and then wintering in Sayulita. There he focuses all his energy on a single goal: to become the best SUP athlete in the world in both the distance races and the surf competitions. To keep his professional growth going Stalla dedicates himself to a strict training program created for both long and short distances. He also goes free diving and spear fishing a part of this maritime activities. He is an established member of the Mexican national surf team.

My passion for the ocean has given me the opportunity to enjoy this sport and make a career out of it. It was not till 2010 when I decided to travel to California to stir my career as a Pro Athlete in the Stand Up Paddle World”


“In 2010 I entered many SUP Races and SUP Surf contests, getting some impressive results. 2011 was a remarkable season winning multiple races. 2012 has been a great year so far. I see the potential that I can reach, I love what I do and I am determined to become the number 1 SUP Men Of The World. I`ve been hooked to this great sport, ever since”

Fernando Stalla

Todos Santos

Across the Gulf of California from Sayulita is a world famous surfing location called Todos Santos (All Saints Islands). It has become an infamous and extreme surfing location and was featured in the 2015 version of the Hollywood film Point Break. Fernando Stalla describes it as “a mythical wave” and when he went to conquer Todos Santos he became the first person to surf it on a paddle board, which is no small feat if you see the intensity of the waves in the films and videos. 

fernando stalla and punta sayulita

Todos Santos has two small, rocky, uninhabited islands in northern Baja California, Mexico. Isla de Todos Santos was discovered for surfing in the 1960´s by visitors from Southern California. By the early ’80s, three breaks in Todos Santos had been charted, and with that some surfing films such as Ocean Fever and Big Time began to popularise the Gulf of California as an amazing surfing location.

fernando stalla and punta sayulita

Todos Santos breaks regularly from fall to early spring. It’s positioned at the end of a wave-funneling underwater canyon that magnifies incoming swells to at least twice the size of virtually all other breaks in Southern California. Visitors arrange to surf Todos Santos at least a day ahead of time, and charter a day-rate boat leaving out of Ensenada for the 40-minute ride to the island.

In 2014, the two Todos Santos islands, along with the short stretch of coast on mainland Baja, was declared a World Surfing Reserve.

fernando stalla and punta sayulita

This graph illustrates Fernando Stalla wave speed


See more info and images about Fernando Stalla on his website or speak to our representatives at Punta Sayulita.