contractor reputation

Why contractor reputation and experience is an important factor for property investment at Punta Sayulita

When investing in a luxury property the construction company’s reputation or the contractor’s background is an important factor to look at. The background story is often long and interesting, as much preparation and work are done before any construction work even begins. Contractors have to work with local governments and districts to ensure that everything is in place, including safety, environmental and legal issues. In this phase of development, there should never be any short cuts.

Additionally, after the construction project is finished, there are many other company characteristics which contribute to the reputation of the contractor company. The better the reputation the better the company can bid and acquire new projects. Also, reputation builds repeat business, so it really is a high priority for both contractors and constructors.

contractor reputation

PLAZA PAPELILLO – Commercial and holiday rental center, Sayulita, Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit

In the spirit of transparency, honesty and integrity, the management at Punta Sayulita have decided to publish the full story of our project. It will be published in a different article, and we have detailed everything you would ever need to know about Punta Sayulita’s history, from the beginning to present day. It presents the truth about realising the dream of creating an amazing property project so that our clients can become part of that story and feel proud of it.

So what factors impact a company’s reputation?

Below are a few important characteristics that construction companies and contractors work on to maintain and improve their reputations.

Transparency, honesty and integrity

An experienced construction company or contractor will have the company principles of honesty and integrity explained and integrated into the company culture and the working practices of their staff . Integrity at Punta Sayulita is extremely important. This is mostly concerned with how the entire staff conduct themselves when dealing with clients, suppliers, subcontractors and business associates.

Meeting project deadlines

The expression “time is money” applies more aptly to construction companies than to any other type of business. Delays or obstacles can be expensive and eat into profits. Diligent companies work hard to meet deadlines so that everyone’s expectations are meet. When delays do occur, it’s important that the company’s reputation is strong enough to carry the project through to the finish.


High-quality workmanship and materials are essential, especially in a luxury project such as Punta Sayulita. Construction materials have to be sourced and used correctly not only to prevent the company from incurring additional costs but also so that the company has a reputation for delivering quality projects.

contractor reputation

EDIFICIO ARGENTINA – Mixed commercial and living building


It’s extremely important that a safety record is maintained on two fronts. The construction site and the workers have to be corrected instructed and organised. The site foundation and structure must be consistent with legal and worker safety guidelines are respected. Quite often clients select the construction company which has a good safety record. Additionally, the negative publicity a company gets when there’s a serious accident on one of their construction projects can be difficult to manage. In short, there should never be any shortcuts taken.

Meeting the client’s expectations

It’s important that the contractor is able to meet the client’s expectations. The first step is to discuss what they are, and to make sure that they are reasonable, and that the contractor can deliver on them. Additionally, clients should be made aware of potential problems or delays and any extra potential costs.

Warranty after the project has been completed

With luxury projects like Punta Sayulita, there’s always a contractor warranty period involved. This ensures that any defects or repairs which fall under the responsibility of the construction company are done efficiently and quickly. Respectable contractors with good reputations always provide their clients with generous warranty periods in the event of any problems occurring in the immediate years after the completion of the project.

 Reputation and Experience 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the project owners experience and portfolio must be considered. This experience adds a huge amount of knowledge and know-how to the current project, so obviously, the more experience the better. At Punta Sayulita, the management team have built their reputation on more than 25 years of delivering successful projects throughout Mexico.  Below are just a few examples from their diverse portfolio.

Lomas Altas residential apartments

Edificio Argentina (Guadalajara)

Edificio Bering (Guadalajara)

Plaza Papelillo (Sayulita)


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